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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Experienced television broadcaster and presenter Diana Binks, a key supporter of the London Retired Police Dogs Trust, has today been bestowed with the huge honour of becoming one of the charity’s ambassadors.
Diana, who is most well-known for her work as a broadcaster within motorsport and who is part of the presenting team at Live – news channel exclusively featuring motor racing and automotive content, says she is both elated and excited in equal measure to be assuming such an important role for a charity which is very close to her heart.
As a dog lover and supporter of the vital work of the police, Diana’s association with the LRPD is a natural one and she is relishing the opportunity to do whatever she can to help raise the profile of the charity and champion the wonderful dogs who have given so much for the good of all.
London Retired Police Dogs Trust was established in 2019 to support the retired police dogs of the capital with their welfare needs. Once they have retired, the responsibility of a police dog falls to their handler – the two sharing an unbreakable bond. Sometimes, ex-police dogs are also rehomed to an adopted family.
There is no pension support to assist the dogs and their many and varied needs as they get older, which means those who take on retired police dogs receive no financial assistance with general day-to-day living costs and things like vet bills, which can be hugely expensive.
Fully independent, London Retired Police Dogs Trust has no connection to any police force. It has its own constitution and Trustees who are accountable for the operation of the charity.

Diana Binks, Broadcaster
“I am very fortunate to be asked to become an ambassador for the London Retired Police Dogs Trust, it is something I have a particular passion for – especially as a dog lover myself. The dogs, who are such a vital part of policing across the board, work most of their lives to provide a much-needed service and they help us all on so many levels. They deserve to be looked after once they retire and it’s the least we can do to help support charities like London Retired Police Dogs Trust. I am so looking forward to being part of the team and doing what I can to raise awareness and support of this wonderful, hard-working and essential charity. I truly am deeply honoured to become an ambassador.”
Phil Wells, Co-founder London Retired Police Dogs Trust (LRPD UK):
“We are delighted to welcome our new ambassador Diana to London Retired Police Dogs Trust. Diana is an ardent dog lover who will bring a wide range of skills that will help us to develop, learn and grow. She will be a wonderful advocate for our cause”.

To find out more about the incredible work of LRPD please visit

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