Hosting live audience events, awards and after dinner speaking requires a firm hand in a velvet glove. Keeping an event running to time and co-ordinating stage movements, while engaging with and entertaining an audience, is a rare skill.

Diana's authority and stage presence together with her innate charm and sense of humour, enable her to pull this off with aplomb. For this reason, she is in demand and is regularly re-booked for the same event.


Peugeot Awards

"It was a pleasure to meet, and work with, Diana. The awards presentation and dinner had exactly the right balance of being formal but fun, and this is thanks to Diana's professional approach and her ability to connect with the audience - which really came across to our guests on the night."

Catherine Gilbert, Events & Marketing Manager, Findlay Publications Ltd

"Would you please pass my thanks on to Diana for presenting the Best Factory and Innovation and Design Excellence Awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. She was a fantastic host and really understood the audience. I will certainly think of working with Diana again at future events. Many thanks."

Bernadette Fitzsimons, General Manager, SRO Motorsports Group

"Diana is the perfect host. She engaged with the guests, was very entertaining and in an industry full of egos, a real pleasure to work with. She also expertly managed to keep a rowdy crowd well under control."

Chris Fenton, Director, Adrenalin Rush Series. Dream Team Television.

"Diana is a pleasure to work with. Her on screen presence carries professionalism and authority to the viewer and has been just what was needed to present the Intelligent Sport Series."