About Diana

Diana began her career in television, where she quickly learnt the intricacies of television production before establishing herself as a motorsport reporter and presenter.

With 20 years of ongoing media and broadcast experience, she has interviewed high performing sports athletes during and after an intense competition, as well as actors and celebrities. As a broadcaster, Diana‘s repertoire is such that she has expanded her comprehensive knowledge setting up her own communications business in 2012.

Whilst previously working for the likes of Channel 4, ITV, BBC and satellite networks, Diana has presented numerous motorsport championships and is a regular pit lane reporter during live events around the world. In addition, she has handled crisis situations during live televised sports events.


She also has hung upside down in a Corvus Racer Red Bull Air Race aerobatic plane whilst presenting the Red Bull Air Race for Channel 5....

Diana is proud to be part of the evolving media business and has recently joined Motorsport tv, part of the International Motorsport Network.

Everyone has a story........​​​

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